Meet The Man Behind The Blog

Isaac McGuire grew up in Orlando, Florida.

There he fell in love with reading and enjoyed academics just as much.

He even made one of the top grades on the SAT in the state of Florida his 6th-grade year and was recognized by Duke University, even having his picture taken for a local newspaper.

However, his life was anything but conducive to furthering his education.

With ongoing conflicts with his biological father, his mind never seemed to want to stay focused on school.

He seemed to recover until the summer of 2009 when he and his family moved up to Cleveland, Tennessee (his place of birth).

Bullying starting from the 8th grade drove Isaac to become more outgoing in order to combat negativity with spontaneity.

Around the end of sophomore year, Isaac started not to care as much about academics, but during his junior year, he took a creative writing class that reignited his passion for writing and reading.

Although Isaac enjoyed writing music, he did not know until then that it was the writing that he enjoyed the most.

After graduation, Isaac wasn’t sure what to do with his life.

No one encouraged him to go to college and he didn’t see any possibility of entering any college or university while his family suffered in finances.

From the summer of 2013 to the present day, Isaac focused almost completely on his career.

But something inside Isaac still didn’t feel right.

During his two years at a local Bible college, Isaac realized yet again how much he enjoyed writing, albeit he might not have turned in all his assignments.

The summer after leaving the college, he again felt like some part of him was missing.

It wasn’t until Isaac had the idea to start writing every day to combat mental issues and to enforce good habits in his life that he came across the idea to start writing a blog.

Hence, that is why you’re reading this page that Isaac wrote all in the third person.

As of today, Isaac McGuire lives in Cleveland, Tennessee with his parents and little sister where he works two jobs (Publix and Cracker Barrel) to help support them.

In his spare time, he writes for himself and for this blog along with watching shows and movies he finds interesting, i.e. documentaries.

Isaac developed a taste for orchestral and ambient music so he decided to post one at the beginning of this page so that you wouldn’t be bored whilst reading.

Isaac also plans to attend a community college the fall of 2018 in order to continue his lifelong dream of learning.

Until then, his only social outlet will probably be this blog.