A Farewell To Sorrow

Foreword: The first things that I have written here are what I wrote down last night in my journal. It was me addressing some of the things that have paralyzed me for so long. However, after I've addressed them, I wrote something today because I have to end on something a little more uplifting. https://youtu.be/D8Ou8qJ64Cg


An Unimportant Monologue About Shallow Love (and its aftermath)

As I observe people from my phone, scouring over photos taken of memories forsaken in order to obtain an image that memorializes instead of extending moments, as I scroll through pointless feeds on Instagram and Facebook, I see the same things happening over and over again in the lives of people I know. Like a …

You Are Here

Where are you? Possibly where you want to be, possibly not. The only way you can know for sure is to observe yourself and your life and to do that, you'll need to slow down.


So, around 1:30 this morning, I went to post something on my Instagram and then started writing what I felt was an explanation for the post. It turned out being over 500 words, so I decided to put it on the blog instead of forcing everyone to rummage through it on a simple social media …